Managing diabetes gets easy with 24×7 monitoring

Smart devices will update information to an app remotely monitored by a team of nurses.

A new technology has been launched to help diabetes and hypertension patients gain control over their chronic condition.

Through Aster Chronic Care @ Home programme, patients will receive smart monitoring devices for blood glucose and blood pressure that will automatically update readings to a mobile app closely monitored by 15 trained nurses and paramedics through a contact center.

The programme, developed by Aster DM Healthcare, will enable patients to receive direct calls from Aster care specialists in case fluctuations occurred in the reading patterns.

“Leading busy lives can pose a challenge for patients with chronic disease who can easily lose control over their health. Establishing the programme will keep their condition under regular monitoring by health professionals without the burden of scheduling appointments,” said Alisha Moopen, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Hospitals & Clinics (GCC).

The UAE sits at the 16th spot in the global rankings for countries with highest diabetes prevalence, with 19 per cent of UAE population living with diabetes, according to figures released by International Diabetes Federation.

Dr. Shaji Aleadath Hydrose, Clinical lead for Aster Chronic Care @ Home, said unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise are main factors behind obesity that leads to both chronic diseases.

The new service is based on improving chronic disease care through regular monitoring and constant communication about disease management from the care provider to the patient.

Hydrose said a pilot study that the network has performed on 100 diabetic patients — among which 61 had co-morbidity with hypertension — showed that the new technology recorded improvements in diabetes management.

Out of the 60 patients who complied with the program, around 58 per cent showed improvement in managing diabetes. Out of 30 hypertension patients, 66.6 per cent showed improvement in managing hypertension.

“Having the feeling that you are constantly being observed somehow forces a change in behavioural patterns and lifestyle,” said Hydrose.

The Aster Chronic Care @ home package is available at Dh999 for one-year subscription.
Renewal of the home monitoring subscription can be availed at Dh299.

The service, currently available in Dubai, will be expanding to other emirates in the coming months. Based on results, the network representatives said they will look into expanding the system to monitor other illnesses.

Patients can register at the nearest Aster clinic or hospital where a doctor will set disease management targets and advising regimes.

Aster DM Healthcare is a network with over 280 operating facilities across 9 countries, including 13 hospital, 87 clinics and 180 retail pharmacies.

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